Flawless Skin

Introducing the fastest and simplest way to a flawless complexion: The Beauty Department Precision Blending Sponge! This unique sponge applicator in glorious green was designed by celebrity makeup artist Nadine Monley (so you know we’re onto a good thing!) and can be used to apply your whole makeup look – from base to cheeks and even lips and eyes! It’s perfect for liquid, cream and powder products and suitable for sensitive skin.

Better yet, it’s a non-allergenic, eco-friendly and latex-free sponge. Winning.

Here’s how to master a flawless face using this little miracle-worker:


Dampen your sponge with water.

So as not to waste product, apply foundation to the back of the hand first. Then dip the larger, round

side of the sponge into the product.

Start blending into face, starting from the centre and moving outwards. Tap and roll the sponge to

buff the product in and achieve a seamless, non-streaky finish.

For more precision around finer areas such as the eyes, nose, corners of the mouth and skin troubles,

dab with the larger tip.

For cheeks and contouring, apply product with short sweeps in an upwards and outwards direction

to the hairline.

For a sculpted finish, lightly blend the whole look with the clean, smaller side.

– Make sure to gently hold the Precision Sponge with tips of the fingers to prolong its life and shape.
– To clean, wash sponge in warm soapy water until it swells, gently squeeze, then allow to dry in fresh air. Voila! Product perfection!


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