But not all of us are nutritionists or dietitians, so we’re exactly highly educated in the nuts and bolts of it all. So we’ve decided to get together a simple list of some of the best foods you can eat in order to feel and look amazing.


If you don’t already know the benefits of this amazing, fountain of youth then shame on you.

Water helps keep your skin hydrated and soft, meaning more plump and less wrinkles.

Standard 8 cups a day and you’re on the right track.

Green Tea

The perfect alternative to coffee and you’re still getting that caffeine hit, but with all the added benefits.

Green tea is first and foremost great for the immune system in helping fight bacteria. It also helps aid blood flow and oxygen to the skin, in turn making your skin appear smoother and softer and therefore slowing the aging process. And… it also helps in weight loss. It’s shown to help burn calories faster.

Greek Yoghurt

You’ve all heard that greek yoghurt is good for you, but do you know why?

The dairy helps tighten the skin, making it more resistant to wrinkles. And yes you can eat dairy in many forms but the protein content that does this is higher in greek yoghurt than any other.

Vitamin C – Oranges, Broccoli, Strawberries + Sweet Potato

Vitamin C helps the immune system. Which ultimately (for our purposes anyhow) reduces redness in the skin, helps fight pimples and heals all blemishes. So make sure you keep eating produce that has a high content of Vitamin C. It’ll help get that clear and glowing skin.

Vitamin E – Almonds, Avocado + Spinach

We’ve heard of the benefits of Vitamin E cream, but why not go straight to the source? For the healthy growth and repair of skin cells vitamin E is a must. As it also helps act as a natural moisteriser.

Now all these foods are great, but don’t just binge out on one. Moderation is key. And it takes at least four weeks for new skin cells to grow, therefore you have to keep your intake up and try not to fall off the bandwagon otherwise you wont see the benefits.

Nadine Monley

For professional make up artists, skin is the most important element of any assignment, the key to a truly flawless finish. Nadine Monley loves skin and knows that perfection is achieved only through innate understanding and uncompromising attention to detail. Drawing on her 10+ years of industry experience, Nadine brings out the best in every face she creates.

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