The Simplicity of Flowers


‘Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.’ – Miranda Preisly, The Devil Wears Prada

But seriously, who’s going to deny it – it happens every year.

As soon as the sun’s back in action they pop up everywhere; from festivals to weddings, from head dresses to table settings. They not only bring us so much pleasure and joy, but the beautiful scent makes us think of summer… like clockwork they reappear and once again we’re smitten.

This year though, it’s time to put a twist on the old classics. Time to brand out (lol..see what I did there) and do something different.

So here’s our advice, and a bit of inspiration to go with it.

  1. Pick your flowers

Ok ok, this is a big one. Make sure you wear sturdy flowers. Ones with semi thick stem’s so they don’t break, fall or look flimsy within two hours (which we all know happens). A good idea is to check your local florist, see what’s in season and what is available. Who knows, something might pop out at you.

  1. Choose your event wisely

Like anything, you match what you wear to where you’re going. You make sure you don’t clash with anyone else and make sure you’re dressed appropriately. So if you’re going to a wedding, perhaps wearing a flower crown isn’t the best idea. Why not opt for one, singular statement flower instead? Pin it in your hair or stick it in your up do. Subtle and sophisticated whilst not upstaging the bride.

  1. Try something different

Don’t be boring. Branch out from the classic crown or halo. Or at least, put your own spin on it. Try a halo of green foliage maybe or a crown made out of native flowers? You could wear braids and entwine the flowers or a scarf choker with a big bold flower attached, even entwining flowers into your chain necklace?

Flowers have made such a statement in fashion week shows season after season. Dolce and Gabbana brought out the beauty and simplicity of flowers in the hair a few years ago. It not only looks incredibly beautiful but leaves us being inspired by just something so simple as flowers in the hair, this is what I love the most about fashion, it may only be about a single flower that brings so much beauty.

  1. You don’t need to wear them

Sure the go-to is to wear the trend, but what about bouquets and interiors? Perhaps style your next event with flowers? Table settings and centre pieces are a great way to utilise their vibrant colours and scents to lighten up any room. And lastly, I mean it’s a bit extreme, but you could take inspiration from Dior’s runway show or the ever famous Kim & Kanye wedding flower wall.

Anyhow, as you can see there are a thousand and one ways in which you can incorporate the floral, flower fanaticism into not only your wardrobe but life. Flowers are not only the go-to trend for Spring, they’re a key part in encouraging happiness. And we all know that those who exude happiness, also exude beauty…so go buy some flowers and make yourself pretty!

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Nadine Monley

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