Bec And Bridge Show

The inspiration behind this years collection for Bec & Bridge was that of a nomad girl. The aptly titled ‘Due North’, showed an effortlessly beautiful, traveller in all the pieces. Alan White and his team created a look that replicates the clothing – natural and full of movement. The style is fashioned to make it easy for any nomad girl to re-create the sophisticated, with a soft touch, look herself. The naturally flowing look is voluminous, the deep side part adding structure.

Alan explains the way to get this look is all about the brushing.

That’s our biggest message this season — girls just don’t brush their hair enough. If they did, you would get heaps more volume because it stimulates the oils and the goodness out of your scalp and through your hair. The more you brush it with a real bristle brush, the bigger your hair will become. Flat hair? Just brush it.

The style is all about maximising volume and finishing with a subtle matte finish.

Quote from:

Backstage with ghd for Bec and Bridge at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia


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